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Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington
• Teach program participants one to one or in small groups basic computer and digital technology skills such as: 
o Internet browsing 
o Using the mouse and keyboard 
o Using and setting up email accounts 
o Using and setting up Skype accounts 
o Using internet search engines to find information 
o Word Processing 
o Accessing audio-visual content on websites such as Youtube 
o Using and setting up Facebook accounts 
o Accessing language-specific information (i.e.: newspapers, news sites) online 
o Safe web browsing and internet use 
• Assist program participants one on one with practicing computer/digital technology skills as per their needs 
• Assist staff to deliver short presentations on computer skills and applications to program participants 
• Informally assess participants’ learning needs and goals through one to one interaction 
• Suggest appropriate techniques and resources to participants that align with their learning needs 
• Refer to staff for any concerns, questions, and challenges 
• Assist staff during the program with set-up and clean-up of the computer room
Homewood Health Centre
150 Delhi St., Guelph
Volunteers will greet patients, visitors and other customers in a friendly manner and suggest gift ideas and offer assistance. You will process sales (cash, credit card, debit), check the card display to ensure everything is in appropriate spaces and restock it when necessary. You will also count the float and cash at the beginning and end of your shift and record complaints, concerns and compliments that require follow up from the Manager. Occasionally assisting with other duties, such as inventory, to keep the gift shop running efficiently.
Homewood Health Centre
150 Delhi St., Guelph
Volunteers will assist patients in locating and signing out materials and organization of the library.
Lakeside HOPE House
A Food Market Volunteer assists individuals in accessing the points-based food market, keeping track of their budgeted points and making suggestions about how to use the food that has been selected. Volunteers also assist with re-stocking the food on the market shelves.
Out on the Shelf, Queer Library and Resource Centre
42 Carden St., Guelph, ON, N1H 3A2
• Decide and plan on a donor outreach schedule and program. 
• Design and manage a donor database and donor stewardship program. 
• Research and review which grant proposals the committee will write. 
• Design a schedule of fundraising events. 
• Track income from fundraising efforts – work closely with treasurer. 
• Be a member of the OOTS Board of Directors and attend board meetings 
• Minimum 3 hours of meetings per month - 2 hour Board of Directors meeting + 1 hour fundraising  
committee meeting if you manage any fundraising volunteers 
* Manage the current fundraising campaign "100 Queers Who Care"
Guelph General Hospital
• Greet all patients & visitors as they enter the hospital  
• Encourage them to use the hand sanitizer  
• Offer directions to other areas of the hospital.  
Escort patients/visitors directly to their destination if that will ease their stress  
• Circulate in the main lobby and Ambulatory Care to provide assistance to patients and visitors 
• Monitor supply of wheelchairs in the Level 1 wheelchair storage area.  
• Communicate any questions you are unable to answer to appropriate staff members  
Assist patients and visitors using the parking kiosk  
Child Witness Centre
Looking for Board Members with finance, legal, small business, marketing or fundraising expertise.  
- Regularly attend Board meetings: 11 per year, including AGM (approx. 2 hr. meetings) 
- Participate in at least one committee (currently include Finance, Audit/Investment; Governance; Human Resources, Nominations, & Risk Management). 
- Support fundraising efforts and events and make an annual donation to the agency.  
- Provide assistance as requested by the ED: Requests are based on the expertise of the board member (ie. policing, legal, fundraising).  
- Participate in an ad hoc committee: Ad hoc committees might be for one meeting only but could be longer.  
Are you looking for a meaningful volunteer experience where you could make a difference in the lives of more than 1000 children or youth and their families every year? Volunteering as a Board Member with the Child Witness Centre is making an investment in our future!
Elliott Community (The)
The Elliott Community
Pet Visitor Volunteers will provide one-to-one or small group visits with their pet (dog, cat, bunny, etc) to enrich the resident's quality of life through interaction with pets and their owners. Pets must qualify for this program with behaviour and temperament.
Elliott Community (The)
The Elliott Community
Volunteers will work closely with Recreation Staff to assist with various recreation programs. Programs may include, but are not limited to: Bingo, Trivia, Crafts, Sing-alongs, Games, Art etc. Volunteer will have the opportunity to visit with residents before and after programs.
Guelph (City of). Public Services, Guelph - Watson Rd, Guelph Transit - Mobility Services
- Volunteers will assist program participants in taking the conventional transit system. This includes boarding and exiting the bus, using transfers and creating a safe and supportive travel environment 
- Volunteers will ride a specific, pre-designated transit route with the program participant on a designated day of the week. (Stone Road Mall, grocery store etc.) 
- By providing your volunteer efforts, adults living with disabilities in the community are presented with an opportunity to increase their independence and confidence in a community engaged environment
Guelph General Hospital
Volunteers will work with the rest of the boutique team (other shop volunteers, retail manager) to keep the shop running as efficiently as possibly. You will process sales, suggest gift ideas if asked, and re-arrange items on display once you sell them. Volunteers will also dust all displays and ensure that cards are neat and in the appropriate spots on a daily basis. You will count your float and cash at beginning and end of your shift.
Guelph General Hospital
Guelph General Hospital
• Visit with patients prior to and after scan, especially if they are alone. 
• Receive each patient by name (if possible) in a welcoming manner.  
Take their information sheets from them and usher them to waiting room. 
• Give the consent form to the patient to read  
• Inform patients where they can keep their clothing during the scan 
• Make sure patient is dressed properly for their scan (ie: proper clothing/jewellery removed)  
• Check to see if a patient who is waiting in a gown for any length of time is cold and get a warm blanket if necessary. 
• Keep waiting room, change cubicles, stretchers tidy.  
• Keep ample supply of gowns, pens, paper, etc., at request of staff 
• Answer general questions
Guelph General Hospital
Guelph General Hospital
• Acknowledge everyone who comes into the Emergency Department  
• Escort family member to and from patient area during tests. 
• Sit with patients or family members who may be alone. 
• Answer directional questions (ie: where is cafeteria?) 
• Hand out resources to patients/visitors (non-medical forms) 
• Take companion phone to a patient/family member who needs to contact someone 
• Fill up ice packs and distribute ice packs at request of nursing staff
Suzuki String School of Guelph
Seek contributions from the corporations to increase SSSG's Endowment Fund 
Facilitate the search for corporate sponsors either for the school or for the two yearly large concerts 
Disseminate fundraising information within the school 
Communicate with Parent Liaisons 
Attend monthly Board meetings during the school year (10 meetings)
Guelph General Hospital
Volunteers will create a friendly environment by providing support, encouragement and companionship, but also provide specific assistance in 5 volunteer interventions  
- Orientation- Reorienting patient to time, date and place as assigned  
- Feeding Assistance- meal assistance and companionship 
- Early Mobilization- assistance with walking and simple exercises 
- Therapeutic Activities- activities to keep patients mentally stimulated during hospital stay 
- Relaxation/Sleep Enhancement- provide a variety of relaxation exercises to promote sleep 
In addition, volunteers are required to record observations on Volunteer Assignment sheet
Guelph General Hospital
Guelph General Hospital
• Provide social interaction with patients and visitors on the medical and surgical units  
• Inform them that you are there to make their visit as comfortable as possible.  
• Sit with patients or family members who may be alone. 
• Take family to different floors as needed to be with the patient 
• Water flowers/plants
Guelph General Hospital
* using a tablet device, ask patients pre-set questions about their hospital experience in order to collect real time data 
* record the responses on the tablet 
* provide card for patients who would like to provide more detailed information
Guelph General Hospital
This purpose of this role is to move into the role of President at the end of one year. Then to be in the role of President for 2 years and past president for 2 years. 
The Vice-President shall exercise supervision over the affairs and activities of the GGH Volunteer Association in the absence of the President. 
• Convene and chair a job description review committee (for all board positions) on a bi-annual basis.  
• Sits on the Mary Hales Volunteer of the Year Selection Committee (March) 
• Responsible for initiating retail fan out in the case of an emergency situation requiring shut down of services 
• Check email at least twice a week for board updates etc.  
• Participate in minimum of two fundraising events per year.
Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, Guelph Brain Tumour Support Group
Committee members plan the Brain Tumour Walk from the kick-off to the wrap-up. Some committee members focus on recruiting volunteers and securing sponsorships. Others focus on event logistics and find ways to enhance the event experience. Planning committee meetings are held approximately once a month, with more frequent meetings closer to the event. Committee members are always welcome. It is never too late to join the Walk Planning Committee.