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Out on the Shelf
10 Carden St., Guelph, ON, N1H 3A2 (moving later in 2017 to 42 Carden St).
•Manage a committee of program facilitators and volunteers 
•Minimum of 3 hours of meetings per month required: 2 hour Out On The Shelf board of directors meeting + 1 hour Programming Committee meeting organized by you 
•Develop and manage budget of the program with assistance from board treasurer 
•Review current programs (e.g., gather participant feedback) 
•Promote programs and draw in patrons (we have a marketing and communications committee as part of Out On The Shelf to help with this, but you will play a role as well) 
•Develop new programs and/or collaborate with partner organizations to support existing LGBTQ+ programs in Guelph 
More detailed position description available upon request.
Out on the Shelf
10 Carden Street, Guelph
Our organization has a Marketing & Communications Committee that handles all promotions and community outreach, including poster design and distribution, writing the quarterly newsletter, managing the website and social media accounts, and developing branding. There are several volunteers on this committee (e.g., social media coordinator, graphic designer), and the Marketing & Communications Chair oversees these volunteers. The chair also manages timelines for promotional materials and ensures that promotional materials are in line with our mission and mandate, attends monthly board meetings and relays information back to their committee's volunteers, and holds monthly meetings for their committee's volunteers to maintain engagement and to keep everyone up to date on the organization's needs.
Out on the Shelf
The Pride Committee is Out On The Shelf's largest committee and is responsible for organizing Guelph Pride Week every spring. This is a big job, and we have found that it runs best with two co-chairs rather than one. The Pride Committee takes a short break in June following our Pride Week, but otherwise runs year round with planning meetings, acquiring sponsorships, managing volunteers, and promoting in the community.  
At least one co-chair must sit on the Out On The Shelf board of directors. It is preferable that one co-chair manages bureaucratic details (like budget and policy implementation) while the other co-chair manages the human factors (like volunteer coordination and promotions within the community). Generally individuals fall into either of these categories based on pre-existing skill sets and interests. Sponsorship acquisition and planning the Pride Week events can be shared between the co-chairs, as well as committee volunteers.  
Please feel free to apply with a friend or colleague if you think you would work well as a team give these responsibilities, or apply independently if you think you'd like to take on the job on your own or would like for us to find you a co-chair.
Out on the Shelf
10 Carden St.
The Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for the recruitment, placement and training of new volunteers wanting to work in various departments of Out on the Shelf. You will also answer inquires about posted positions and manage the experience of the volunteers while volunteering with Out on the Shelf.