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Library Chair   Guelph 
Out on the Shelf, Queer Library and Resource Centre
42 Carden Street, Guelph
Maintain and organize a quality collection of queer (LGBTQ+) themed literature and audio-visual resources with the assistance of volunteers on the library committee 
Attend all board meetings, fundraisers, and related events 
Maintain a collection of sufficient quality for lending to both individual patrons and institutional (interlibrary loan) partners 
Organize and assist in fundraising efforts in collaboration with other chairs 
Seek out and implement the best available technologies to aid with circulation of library materials and the management of a patron database 
Ensure the privacy and security of patron data 
Work with the Volunteer Chair to coordinate hours of operation and training for general volunteers and committee members 
Promote OOTS events and services to the community at large 
Liaise with partners and potential partners within the City of Guelph to build and maintain partnerships
Out on the Shelf, Queer Library and Resource Centre
42 Carden Street, Guelph
Schedule monthly board meetings 
Distribute meeting materials to other directors in advance of monthly board meetings 
Attend every monthly board meeting and take detailed minutes 
Maintain organizational paperwork 
Check organization’s email 3x per week (at minimum) 
As an executive director, secretary will be a signing authority (i.e., one of three people responsible and available for signing the organization’s cheques) 
Assume responsibilities of the chair in the case of their absence
Out on the Shelf, Queer Library and Resource Centre
Out on the Shelf, 10 C, 42 Carden St, Guelph, ON N1H 3A2
Check out all of our volunteer opportunities on our website, here - You can also apply to join the committee by filling out this application, here -
Treasurer   Guelph 
Out on the Shelf, Queer Library and Resource Centre
42 Carden Street
The role of the Treasurer is to assure that Out On The Shelf can sustain itself and grow 
financially. The Treasurer takes care of all the tasks involving money before and after it 
passes through the appropriate committee chairs. 
● Collect and deposit donations 
● Issue cheques and tax receipts 
● File CRA forms & apply for tax returns 
● Communicate financial matters to the board of directors 
● Compile and present annual statistics 
● Send bank statements and receipts to bookkeeper 
● Attend monthly board meetings