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Out on the Shelf, Queer Library and Resource Centre
42 Carden St., Guelph, ON, N1H 3A2
• Decide and plan on a donor outreach schedule and program. 
• Design and manage a donor database and donor stewardship program. 
• Research and review which grant proposals the committee will write. 
• Design a schedule of fundraising events. 
• Track income from fundraising efforts – work closely with treasurer. 
• Be a member of the OOTS Board of Directors and attend board meetings 
• Minimum 3 hours of meetings per month - 2 hour Board of Directors meeting + 1 hour fundraising  
committee meeting if you manage any fundraising volunteers 
* Manage the current fundraising campaign "100 Queers Who Care"
Treasurer   Guelph 
Out on the Shelf, Queer Library and Resource Centre
42 Carden Street
The role of the Treasurer is to assure that Out On The Shelf can sustain itself and grow 
financially. The Treasurer takes care of all the tasks involving money before and after it 
passes through the appropriate committee chairs. 
● Collect and deposit donations 
● Issue cheques and tax receipts 
● File CRA forms & apply for tax returns 
● Communicate financial matters to the board of directors 
● Compile and present annual statistics 
● Send bank statements and receipts to bookkeeper 
● Attend monthly board meetings