Food Cupboard Assistant   Guelph 
Grange Hill East Neighbourhood Group
470 Auden Rd. (Auden at Eastview) - Guelph
The Grange Hill East Neighbourhood Group (GHENG) seeks community‐minded youth and adults to 
serve patrons during regular shifts at our food pantry. Help combat hunger and food insecurity through 
this essential role.  
Food Cupboard Assistants play a key role in an important project. In 2021, we transitioned to operate as a hub of the Guelph Food Bank. We are now part of a project to pilot a new food distribution model. The goal: to bring more support directly to areas in the city where it is most needed.  
Our Neighbourhood Group offers programs, organizes events, welcome residents, and provides a range 
of supports that reflect the interests and needs of the community. As a member of the Guelph 
Neighbourhood Support Coalition, we share the vision of working toward a healthy, safe community 
where everyone feels at home.  
Duties include:  
• Offer welcoming, exemplary customer service in this front-facing role 
• Prepare Food Cupboard for opening/clean and secure building at end of shift 
• Complete necessary paperwork and screening 
• Help with shopping and tallying allotted items  
• Assist with inventory management (stocking shelves, updating records) during down time 
• Participate in occasional meetings and training sessions 
Volunteers must be able to lift and carry boxes (approx. 25 lbs). We ask they commit to regular shifts at our location at 470 Auden Rd. (Auden at Eastview). Volunteers must also be able to regularly access and respond to e-mail.  
To express interest, please fill out the form on our website:  
For Saturday morning shifts, we are ideally seeking small teams to help out (e.g. two adults/two teens) who are interested in taking on bi-weekly shifts.  
We will reply to your inquiry via e-mail (add to your contacts).