Board Member   Guelph 
Elliott Community (The)
Formulation of a Strategic Plan (mission/vision statement, goals, strategies), i.e., top-down portion of the Community’s Corporate Plan; as part of the strategic planning process, review and determination of what services the Community needs to provide and at what level and cost 
Establishment of implementation priorities, strategic initiatives 
Setting of budget guidelines, operating and capital budgets 
Financial Stewardship 
Budget (operating and capital) monitoring 
Expenditure controls and safeguards 
External auditor or appointment and review of annual auditor reports 
Policy and program, Community’s Asset Management (i.e., life cycle maintenance approach); establishment of adequate reserves 
Compliance monitoring, Federal and Provincial statutes, municipal By-Laws 
Community risk assessment and control 
CEO selection, appointment and performance review; appointment approval for Directors with second level review of performance 
Review of Succession Planning for the Senior Leadership Team, key replacement charting for balance of workforce 
Policy and program for performance management (i.e., process to ensure Community is “getting what it is paying for”) 
Policy & Legislation 
Review and approval of key corporate policies 
Tracking of (and influencing to extent feasible) Federal and Provincial statutes/regulations and municipal By-Laws impacting on Community operations and administration 
Representation of Stakeholders 
Identification of various stakeholders and their respective needs 
Monitoring of the Community’s response to various stakeholder needs/requirements 
Acting on behalf of the “collective” public good in the Community 
Interface between Community groups/associations, special interest groups and the Community Staff 
Attendance at Community affairs/events and active participation in fundraising functions/initiatives
Hair Salon Support Volunteer   Guelph 
Elliott Community (The)
The Elliott Community
• Establish and maintain a welcoming environment in the salon 
• Assist in bringing residents to and from the salon 
• Light duties within the salon including taking out hair rollers, folding towels, sweeping 
• Interact with the resident through conversation while residents are waiting for their appointment and following their appointment
Dining Room Volunteer   Guelph 
Elliott Community (The)
The Elliott Community
- Ensure residents receive adequate food intake at each meal 
- Assist residents in increasing their level of independence during meal times 
- Encourage residents to actively participate in the dining process 
- Porter residents to and from the dining room area 
- Provide supervision and verbal cues for residents requiring direction 
- Provide hand-over-hand assistance for residents requiring physical assistance 
- Clean up after resident and offer resident a warm cloth for their hands and face.
Pet Visitor Volunteer   Guelph 
Elliott Community (The)
The Elliott Community
- To provide an opportunity for residents to interact and bond with animals 
- Check in with Recreationist or designate prior to beginning visits 
- Introduce yourself and your pet to the residents 
- Allow opportunities for resident to pet/handle the animal (as appropriate) 
- Only visit residents who have indicated an interest in having pet visits 
- Excellent verbal communication skills 
- Comfortable interacting with seniors 
- Patient, kind and positive 
- Enjoy being part of a team and working effectively with others 
- Pet must be obedient and have a high tolerance for human contact 
- Pet must have current immunization records 
- Small to medium sized dogs with medium to low energy
Recreation Assistant Volunteer   Guelph 
Elliott Community (The)
The Elliott Community
To engage residents in a broad range of meaningful activities that encourage social interaction, laughter, cognitive abilities and enrich the lives of the residents 
- Assist with preparation and implementation of activities 
- Porter residents to and from activities 
- Provide a run and engaging atmosphere during the activity 
- Assist with the clean up and evaluation following the activity
Virtual Music Volunteer   Guelph 
Elliott Community (The)
The Elliott Community
- Assist with preparation and implementation of a music program 
- Provide a fun and engaging atmosphere via a digital platform like Zoom 
- Provide sensory stimulation through music and interaction
Friendly Visitor Volunteer   Guelph 
Elliott Community (The)
170 Metcalfe St. Guelph
• Provide companionship and social interaction to residents 
• Interact with the resident through conversation, reading, playing cards, etc. 
• Assist resident with small tasks such as opening mail, writing a letter or watering plants 
• Record who you visit and their level of interaction on the form provided by Recreationist
General Store Volunteer   Guelph 
Elliott Community (The)
- Provide customer service in the general store during your scheduled shift 
- Use the Morris computer system to sell items 
- Be friendly and enthusiastic when greeting customers 
- Ensure the general store door is locked when your shift ends