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Guelph Arts Council
Volunteers play a central role in Doors Open Guelph, and help to ensure the smooth running and success of this exciting city wide cultural annual event. A team of tour guides, greeters, counters and sweeps help to make Doors Open Guelph an annual success! Join the Doors Open Guelph team today and play a role in sharing Guelph's history and culture. See roles and description below: 
Tour Guides are provided with pre-researched notes about their site ahead of time. On event day, guides lead groups of visitors on 20 minute tours, telling facts and stories to do with that site. Guides are generally provided with more info than can be fit into a short tour time, so guides pick the points that resonate with them and bring their own flair and style to it! Tour guides wear tartans.  
Sweeps bring up the rear of the tour group and keep participants together and help the tour guides keep time so the tour stays on schedule. Sweeps are the quiet heroes of the event, keeping the flow and supporting the whole group.  
Greeters meet the public, offer information and organize the next tour group. The Greeter-Counter team is the indispensable front line that welcomes our many excited visitors and sets the tone for the site. This team provides site and event info, encourages visitors to fill out brief surveys, and generally provide a friendly face for visitors. Greeters encourage donations 
Counters assist the greeter and count participants on a clicker, recording the tally on a provided sheet,(pink) which gets placed back in the 'site box' at the end of the day, to be returned by the Site Captain to the GAC office. Beyond being a front line friendly face, Counters help us understand flow of visitors and without them, we can't brag about how many people came out to enjoy the day!  
-Must be available on April 25, 2020  
-Must be available for 1 additional training days in March (approx 1.5 hrs). Date TBD
Guelph Arts Council
Guelph Arts Council, 42 Carden St., Guelph, ON
Fund Development Committee members develop an annual plan to help Guelph Arts Council reach its financial goals for Donations, Events, and Corporate Sponsorship, and support the plan's implementation. Committee members help ensure that GAC is sustainable and can fulfill its mission to champion and grow opportunities for Guelph's creative community.