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Guelph Tool Library
Peavey Mart (545 Silvercreek Parkway North)
Ability to troubleshoot, disassemble and repair small electrical appliances and gadgets such as 
toasters, hand blenders, lamps, vacuums and battery powered watches. Skills should include 
competence with multimeter, screwdrivers, wrenches, drills and soldering irons. Knowledge of 
and comfort with appropriate use of small appliance lubricants and cleaning solutions. Safety in 
working with electricity is critical. 
Repair Café Volunteer Fixers will: 
Help people learn how to repair things 
Assess damage and needs for tools or items requiring repair 
Repair or rebuild items and tools 
Help to provide a friendly and positive experience for event attendees 
Report to the Repair Café Coordinator, who will provide task-specific training/direction 
Follow all Guelph Tool Library policies & procedures
10C Shared Space
42 Carden St. Guelph ON N1H 3A2
Animate front host desk at 10C Shared Space at main entrance, help to greet and direct members of the public and 10C members that are in the space. Maintain public notice board. Answer phone and answer general questions about 10C.
Volunteer   Guelph 
Hillside Community Festival of Guelph
Hillside Festival, Guelph Lake Conservation Area
We are seeking volunteers for the annual Hillside Festival for a variety of positions! Welcoming patrons, assisting in traffic flow, assisting with vendors, selling merchandise, providing patron information, and more!
Guelph Tool Library
We are seeking a volunteer who can provide expertise in Human Resources to help us develop and organize our policies and procedures.
Victor Davis Memorial Court Non Profit Homes
87 Neeve Street, Guelph and meetings virtually at this time
Board members are community minded and key contributors to our organization. Our recent strategic plan and Board skills matrix highlighted a need for two board members - one member with legal skills and one member who has knowledge of the community, especially in The Ward, who want to make a difference.  
Our Board is made up of 8 volunteer Directors who use creativity and critical thinking skills to manage the affairs of the Corporation and have a commitment to social housing, our community and act as stewards of the organization at all times, and not in a personal or other group interest. We carry $5 million dollars Directors and Officers Liability insurance. 
Board Members establish, evaluate and carry out our mission and strategic plan, oversee and ensure the financial health of the organization, ensure the organization has competent staff/management to carry out the day to day operations to meet the requirements of tenants, funders and legislation, direct operations, including policy development and risk management , maintain effective relations with funders and the community, acting on committees with fellow board and community members.
Guelph Tool Library
Old Quebec Street Shoppes 55 Wyndham Street North, Unit T8,
Help to provide a friendly and positive experience for event attendees 
Report to the Repair Café Coordinator, who will provide task-specific training/direction 
Follow all Guelph Tool Library policies & procedures 
Welcome visitors and explain how the Repair Café process works 
Inspect items for safety and review waiver forms. 
Guide and assist visitors in finding their way around the Café, escort visitors to the correct repair area, provide directions to the washrooms, refreshments and exits and chat with waiting visitors. 
Set up and pack up registration, refreshments, photo booth and equipment, clean and reconfigure the space as it was upon arrival, including tables & chairs. 
Check in with fixers to ensure they have everything they need 
Monitor refreshment station
HOPE House
Guelph Hiking Trail Club
GHTC hiking trails in and around Guelph
Develop monthly hike program of iconic hikes to familiarize members with our trails. 
Attend monthly GHTC executive committee meetings and present Hike Coordinator report. 
Lead periodic hikes. 
Recruit prospective hike leaders in order to develop an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team of hike leaders ready to engage the public. 
Work with other members of the Executive Committee to provide information relevant to the maintenance of the trails as well as information relevant to our members via the seasonal newsletter.
Guelph Tool Library
The Steering Committee runs the day to day operations of the Guelph Tool Library and is responsible for creating and administering sub-committees as the needs of the Guelph Tool Library requires. The Steering Committee works by consensus and each member of the Steering Committee has an equal say in the operation of the Guelph Tool Library.  
We are seeking a volunteer who is able to : 
-provide expert input to the ongoing development of the Guelph Tool Library 
-provide Human Resources expertise, to assist us in our charitable status application 
-identify and monitor priorities, risks, timelines and quality of Guelph Tool Library projects 
-provide support, guidance, decision-making and oversight of progress to Guelph Tool Library projects 
-help balance conflicting priorities and resources 
-foster positive communication
Guelph Tool Library
Help the Guelph Tool Library with Grant Writing and Fundraising Activities. We meet once a month and work collaboratively online. 
Projects that we are currently working on and planning: 
Free to Read - now until April 23, 2022. We are collecting comic books for a project that supports literacy programs in local provincial jails. 
Re:Purpose Fest - Saturday May 28, 2022. This free community recycling event and barbeque is taking place at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Attendees at Re:Purpose Fest will be able to recycle many items that normally end up in the landfill or learn about unique ways to repurpose items.  
Guelph Largest Clothing Swap - Sunday October 23 at the Old Quebec Street Shoppes. This event is part of the City of Guelph's Waste Reduction Week.
Event Volunteer   Guelph  South Wellington 
Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (The)
6981 Conc. 4, Puslinch, ON N0B 2J0
- Help Facilitate the operation of various events at the sanctuary such as our Open Days, Tours, and our annual 5k Marathon fundraiser. 
- Help direct, educate and guide visitors at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada
Yorklands Green Hub
42 Carden Street Guelph
The Yorklands Green Hub Board of Directors is currently a working board of volunteers.  
Our mission is to open green doors to the future by promoting sustainable conservation, environmental education and public enjoyment at the former Guelph Correctional Centre lands. We are seeking to fill 2 positions: 2 Members-at-Large. Terms are for 2 or 3 years by choice of nominee.   
Nominations will be accepted with a review of the skills we are in need of, followed by an interview.
Guelph Tool Library
Inventory Management Volunteers review and analyze inventory for the Guelph Tool Library. Their duties include ensuring inventory is accounted for, cataloguing and inventorying new tools, and coming up with process improvements that are beneficial to the Guelph Tool Library.
Guelph Tool Library
55 Wyndham Street North, Unit T8
Librarians work a shift of at least one and a half to two hours in length. Duties include signing out tools, putting new items into inventory, and answering members questions. Librarians receive training and will partner with an experienced librarian to learn the role.
Scouts Canada, Wellington Area
Assist the existing leadership team in conducting a weekly meeting
Guelph Tool Library
The Marketing and Sales Committee is seeking volunteers who have an interest in promoting the Guelph Tool Library in the community, from membership drives to sponsorship acquisition to increasing our social media presence.