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Guelph Wellington Seniors Association
Remote / Evergreen Seniors Community Centre
The Board is looking to recruit up to four (4) new members. Experience in law, fundraising and HR are an asset.  
The Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 9:30 virtually (min of 8 meetings per year). Duties include: being an active member on the board and assisting where needed on committees; provide reports and updates to all members; review monthly financial statements; report Board issues to the Committee and report the Committee’s issues to the Board; participate in self-development training, where and when appropriate
GWSA Human Resources Committee   Centre Wellington  East Wellington  Guelph  North Wellington  South Wellington 
Guelph Wellington Seniors Association
Qualified Volunteers are needed to assist on a quarterly or as needed basis to implement the GWSA HR Policy for GWSA staff which includes anyone who receives payment for services.  
Duties also include: implementing Board decisions based on the GWSA Human Resources; ensure that actions of the committee are aligned with the GWSA strategic plan.  
We would greatly benefit from someone with Human Resources background.
Director, Board of Directors   Guelph 
Guelph Nonprofit Housing Corporation
138 Wyndham St N, Guelph, ON
As a member of a board of 7 community volunteers, the board member will attend monthly Board meetings that take place on the last Tuesday of each month, as well as attend the Annual General Meeting which takes place in December of each year. 
The Board of Directors is made up of 7 members who manage the affairs of the Corporation and are responsible for fundamental decisions concerning the development and management of social housing projects. The Directors hold office until the third annual meeting following their appointment or until a successor is appointed; Directors are appointed because of a demonstrated interest in the welfare of their fellow citizens and their community. Once appointed the director must act at all times in the interest of the Corporation and not in their personal interest or in the interests of a group with which they are associated.  
Board Members will be responsible to: 
- establish, evaluate and carry out the organization’s mission and strategic plan 
- oversee and ensure the financial health of the organization 
- ensure the organization has competent staff/management to carry out the day to day operations to meet the requirements of tenants, funders and legislation 
- direct organizational operations, including policy development and risk management 
- maintain effective relations with funders and the community at large.
Board Member   Guelph 
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We are searching for board members with expertise in the following areas: Accounting & Finance; Marketing and PR;Customer Service; IT and app development; Law