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PIN - The People and Information Network
Volunteers are needed to help build enthusiasm for volunteerism in Guelph and bring awareness to the needs of community agencies.  
PIN Network provides connections and leadership in Guelph and Wellington County to support development of individuals and organizations. We provide a hub for volunteer opportunities and engagement.  
Volunteers will work with PIN Networks' Volunteerism Ambassador and assist at events, pop-ups, resource development, campaigns and presentations. Tasks are flexible to the needs of the program and volunteers' interests, skills or learning goals. These may include: supporting in-person events (volunteer fairs, pop-up tables), preparing for presentations (research, script writing, slide development, speaking), assisting with digital media (type, infographic), campaign development and implantation or other tasks as interest, skill and program needs arise.  
Shift times and schedule may vary from week to week based on availability and program needs.  
This is a hybrid role with both in-person and online components.  
This role is a great fit for someone who is passionate about volunteerism, would like to learn more about community services or would like to gain experience working in an outreach role.
Kindness Pledge - Website Manager   Centre Wellington  East Wellington  Guelph  North Wellington  South Wellington 
PIN - The People and Information Network
PIN is pleased to partner with the Kindness Pledge to outreach to our communities in support of this initiative. 
Primary Responsibilities: 
Work with team members of the kindness pledge to update and upkeep the website 
Opportunity to create creative content for the website 
Work to create our website interviews
Guelph Community Health Centre, Guelph - Downtown Location, Healthy Living
Physical distancing is helping to flatten the curve, but created more isolation. Note of Hope is an initiative to help clients & volunteer feel more connected to the community and the Guelph CHC. Volunteers are making it a special day by writing positive messages that are being sent to clients or included in Groceries from The SEED and Food Access deliveries.  
People that received the cards say things like: 
"Last order I had delivered came with a "hope you are doing well" type card and it was perfect timing as my sister passed away the day before. Thank you so much for that card. I appreciate this service so much, thank you!" or "thanks for the cute little cards. I keep them on my fridge. " 
Read about this project, visit the Guelph Today article.  
Help us by creating artwork or kind notes of encouragement and hope. Keep your messages general.  
Some examples:  
We hope this note find you well & brings you a smile  
Sending you good thoughts, Take Care 
We hope you are doing well, have a wonderful day 
Sending you good thoughts & a big smile 
We are thinking about you & hope you are well 
Have a Wonderful Day! 
Volunteers are encouraged to use plain card stock and art supplies, to get creative and decorate with markers, coloured pencils and/or stickers. In other words, unleash their compassion and creativity in an 1/4 page size. 
Please note: By returning artwork & notes to GCHC volunteers are releasing for GCHC use & may be photocopied or posted on Social Media
Guelph Community Health Centre, Guelph - Downtown Location, Healthy Living
Volunteer Office Assistant provides an in-person opportunity for volunteers to support the work of the GCHC, The SEED and staff. GCHC Staff will work with volunteers and re-visit task list, working hours, working location regularly to ensure this is a meaningful and helpful role for both volunteers and staff. Based on Public Health requirements changes may need to be made on a short notice. Volunteers will be notified ASAP when these changes occur.  
Volunteers are asked to Review and abide by Guelph CHC’s COVID vaccination policy, Pandemic requirements for screening and stay home if unwell. 
Based on volunteer interest and staff need, this role may include:  
• Monitor and respond to emails messages in an appropriate manner 
• Assist with mass mailouts and donor thank-yous.  
• Laminating, printing and /or organizing outreach materials for The SEED 
• Monitoring office supplies and creating an order as needed. 
• Supporting access to the Pet Food Pantry and tracking inventory 
• Assisting staff with PPE inventory tracking (6-8 week cycle) 
• Assisting staff with Get Connected program (testing phones, preparing kits) 
• Preparing Harm Reduction Kits, PPE Kits or Notes or Hope kits. 
• Phone call reminders to clients, program participants or customer check in calls 
• Data entry and other administrative tasks