Volunteer Home Cooks   Guelph 
Pro Labore Dei, Guelph
Volunteers are needed to assist with providing home-cooked food on Saturday evenings for the least privileged. Make and bring a casserole, or any home cooked food, for 8-12 people. Contact Stella to set up delivery.
Telephone Reassurance Volunteer   Centre Wellington  East Wellington  Guelph  North Wellington  South Wellington 
Victorian Order of Nurses, Waterloo Wellington Dufferin, Mount Forest Office
Volunteer from Home
Connect with an isolated senior or adult with disability by phone (from once a week to daily calls, according to the client's needs) and bring some light into someone's day! We are currently looking for people to make friendly phone calls to some of our clients who would benefit from a safety check-in and chat!
Office Assistant   Guelph 
Guelph and District Multicultural Festival
At the office, but some work can be done remotely.
Volunteers are needed to provide administrative and office support to the Guelph & District Multicultural Festival. The work includes answering phones, printing letters, sealing envelopes, writing small pieces of content, assisting with meeting minutes, arranging appointments, and designing posters.