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Cooking Around the World - Volunteer   Centre Wellington  East Wellington  Guelph  North Wellington  South Wellington 
Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington
Through Online tools
• Welcome the group and facilitate the session  
• Select an appropriate recipe  
• Provide a list of ingredients and cooking instructions at least 4 days prior to the session  
• Lead the cooking lesson 
• Provide for vegetarian options to be inclusive to as many participants as possible.  
• Demonstrate active listening during the session 
• Explain unfamiliar words or ingredients when needed 
• If you are cooking an authentic dish from your country, explain some traditions associated with it 
• Record the time spend volunteering and preparing for the session that will include shopping, preparing and the actual session.  
• Maintain a warm and welcoming environment where the conversation partner is treated with dignity and respect 
• Plan meetings and gather resources to support the conversation partner’s language needs 
• Communicate any concerns or challenges to the program coordinator
Family Counselling and Support Services for Guelph-Wellington, Distress Line Program
*To be disclosed upon acceptance into the program
• Using a solution-focused practice, you will be required to engage with distressed community members through our telephone services and provide them with emotional support, assist them with goal or safety planning, and refer them to resources that promote their well-being.  
• Complete relevant respondent documentation/profiles  
• Consistently demonstrate key social service skills such as: Active Listening, Empathy, Etc. 
• Act in accordance with ministry and agency regulations 
• Ensure a holistic, quality approach to client care consistent with FCSSGW’s Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Plan
Volunteer Visitors (by phone)   Centre Wellington  East Wellington  Guelph  North Wellington  South Wellington 
Alzheimer Society Waterloo Wellington, Guelph Office
calls can be made from Alzheimer Society offices (Guelph or Cambrdige), or volunteer's location
Provide weekly/bi-weekly engaging recreational phone calls offering persons with dementia socialization and an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and activities
Guelph Community Health Centre, Guelph - Downtown Location, Healthy Living
Gain experience working in an online setting while helping clients navigate getting connected to programs and services. Volunteers will support clients by offering basic tech support, assist with creating email address, software support or loading platforms.  
This position may include phone calls or in-person support (in coming months). Depending on skill and interest, volunteers could also create 'How to... videos for staff/volunteers or clients.  
Volunteers in this role are required to have access to a computer and the internet. Volunteers must have a good understanding of tech and problem solving skills.
FIXT POINT Arts and Media
JOIN THE EMPATHY SQUAD! Gather Oral Histories to Foster Empathy and Build your Podcasting Skills. 
Volunteer Opportunity (Future Leaders age 18-30) 
Volunteer for the Empathy Squad to make a difference in your community through the power of storytelling. In the midst of global upheaval, isolation, and the search for social, class, and racial justice, we are looking for volunteers to generate empathy-building dialogue through the collection of stories and interviews. 
Oral storytelling forges connections between people and ideas, makes information more accessible, and helps us understand the ties that bind us. Oral history nuances the stories of the past and present, helps us understand how communities experience history, and allows us to learn together on the path towards a shared future.  
Participants will: 
- Discover artful ways to volunteer in their community; 
- Learn interview and recording techniques, narrative shaping, and audio-editing skills; 
- Gain skills in community engagement through oral-history collection; 
- Enhance readiness for leadership roles and community participation; 
- Grow empathy from coast to coast through community-building dialogue. 
See full program schedule (
Guelph Community Health Centre, Guelph - Downtown Location, Healthy Living
Be part of a team that is offering programs in a new way!  
Many of our peer supported programs like Yoga, Zumba and Mindfulness are going virtual! Volunteers will assist staff and program leaders in moving program to an online platform, support problem solving during program and support clients in getting connected. Based on the volunteers interested and skills this could also include how to guide or short videos. 
Volunteer in this role are required to have a good understanding of online meetings and tech problem solving skills.  
Volunteers must have access to a computer and internet.
Virtual Big Brother / Big Sister   Centre Wellington  East Wellington  Guelph  North Wellington  South Wellington 
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph
Guelph & Wellington County
As an online Big Brother or Big Sister, you will be a positive role model and mentor to a young person. Volunteers have visits with their "Little" on a consistent basis, usually once a week. Volunteers invest time and attention into a child who faces adversity, build a friendship with them, and develop trust and respect. This could mean playing online games with them, engaging in a conversation about what's on their mind, doing virtual workouts together, cooking, or any other type of activity that will engage a child and draw out their personality and interests.
Virtual Group Leader/Coach   Centre Wellington  East Wellington  Guelph  North Wellington  South Wellington 
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph
Guelph and Wellington County
An Online Group Leader will be a positive role model and mentor to a small group of youth in grades 5-8. Two volunteers will work together to facilitate a variety of planned group games involving social skills and physical skills, which are provided to the volunteers in advance. Volunteers provide youth who are in need of support with a positive social environment, and build relationships with youth in order to express care and provide guidance.
Guelph Community Health Centre, Guelph - Downtown Location, Healthy Living
Guelph Public Library - Downtown Library
*** Special Note: This position has been modified due to COVID-19. GCHC will continue with recruitment for this position in order to be able to offer phone and online support. Volunteers will transition to in-person when programs re-starts.*** 
Become trained to offer telephone support and lead group sessions providing feeding & parenting support to other parents. Keep logs of supporting, track hours, remain in good communication with the program. Help Childcare Allies with set-up and tear-down of program space.