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Children's Reading Room
210 Silvercreek Pkwy N Guelph Ontario N1H 7P8
Book Screener   Guelph 
Children's Reading Room
210 Silvercreek Pkwy N Guelph Ontario N1H 7P8
Children's Reading Room is a non-profit family resource organization that promotes early literacy and a love of books and reading! Each time anyone visits the CRR, they will go home with a free children's book! It's theirs to keep, read, love, and cherish. No need to sign up for a membership or return the books. A welcoming, accessible, and comfortable place where families can socialize, browse books, read to their children, participate in planned literacy-focused activities, and of course, build up their home library! 
Screening donated children's books before they are made available to families. 
Checking for damage (torn or missing pages, scribbling in the book, etc)  
Make sure content is appropriate for children (we will provide guidance on this matter)  
Stickering the books with our logo
Children's Reading Room
210 Silvercreek Pkwy N Guelph Ontario N1H 7P8 (located at the back of All Saints Church)
Visiting schools, childcare centers and other local businesses and organizations to inform the community about CRR's programs and services.
Action Read Community Literacy Centre
8 Cork Street East, Guelph, ON N1H 2W8
Help someone learn literacy and Essential Skills for work, learning and life! After orientation and training, you will be matched with a learner to work together regularly (probably once a week) towards their goals. Action Read will help you identify learning strategies and resources and evaluate progress. 
NOTE: Due to COVID learning pairs are working remotely. Please check our website for further information and updates on are programs.
Guelph Community Health Centre, Guelph - Downtown Location, Healthy Living
Physical distancing is helping to flatten the curve, but created more isolation. Note of Hope is an initiative to help clients & volunteer feel more connected to the community and the Guelph CHC. Volunteers are making it a special day by writing positive messages that are being sent to clients or included in Groceries from The SEED and Food Access deliveries.  
People that received the cards say things like: 
"Last order I had delivered came with a "hope you are doing well" type card and it was perfect timing as my sister passed away the day before. Thank you so much for that card. I appreciate this service so much, thank you!" or "thanks for the cute little cards. I keep them on my fridge. " 
Read about this project, visit the Guelph Today article.  
Help us by creating artwork or kind notes of encouragement and hope. Keep your messages general.  
Some examples:  
We hope this note find you well & brings you a smile  
Sending you good thoughts, Take Care 
We hope you are doing well, have a wonderful day 
Sending you good thoughts & a big smile 
We are thinking about you & hope you are well 
Have a Wonderful Day! 
Volunteers are encouraged to use plain card stock and art supplies, to get creative and decorate with markers, coloured pencils and/or stickers. In other words, unleash their compassion and creativity in an 1/4 page size. 
Please note: By returning artwork & notes to GCHC volunteers are releasing for GCHC use & may be photocopied or posted on Social Media
Visiting   Guelph 
St Joseph's Health Centre Guelph, Guelph - Westmount Rd
100 Westmount Road, Guelph
*Note Covid-19 update: We look forward to having you volunteer with us. Volunteers are not permitted to be at the Health Centre at this time; however we appreciate your interest in volunteering. Please submit your application and we will keep you up to date regarding when we can welcome our volunteers back with us.* 
The nice weather has arrived. Spend some time with a resident or patient at the Health Centre to enjoy the fresh air. You may walk together around the garden area, or sit to share a coffee quietly.