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Treasurer   Guelph 
Guelph Wellington Seniors Association
1. Be a Signing Officer for the GWSA accounts and contracts. 
2. Attend the Finance Committee meetings. 
3. Provide leadership to the Financial Administrator, reporting to the Human Resources Committee as necessary. 
4. Take leadership role in the Finance Committee’s preparation of the annual budget for approval by the Board. 
5. Serve as a liaison to auditors for the GWSA. 
6. Consult the IT Coordinator to make recommendations to the Finance Committee regarding updates to computer hardware and financial software. 
7. Report financial results to the membership at the Annual General Meeting. 
8. Attend or arrange a designate to attend monthly meetings of the Board of Directors to present monthly financial reports and provide guidance for the financial management of the organization 
9. Review most recent Board minutes upon receipt and take any action assigned. 
10. Participate in self-development training, where appropriate. 
11. Perform other duties as may be from time to time, assigned by the Board or President. 
12. Update and maintain the GWSA Accounting and Budget Procedures document.  
13. Maintain the GWSA charitable registration. Ensure that the government information return (together with  
financial statements and required attachments) is filed no later than six months after the end of the GWSA's fiscal period. 
14. Adhere to code of confidentiality
Homewood Health Centre
Homewood Health Centre, 150 Delhi Street, Guelph
The Homewood Volunteer Association (HVA) is a registered charitable organization with a mission to support the quality of life of mental health and addiction patients at Homewood Health Centre. The Member-at-Large assists with the management of Association affairs and its governance and strategic direction. The Homewood Volunteer Association also operates the café and gift shop within the Homewood to serve patients and visitors. 
Member-at-Large attends monthly Board meetings as well as the annual general meeting; Commits to learn the Association and its functions and responsibilities within the health centre; Directs organizational operations, including policy development; Assists with management of projects undertaken by the Association; Assists with fund raising projects as needed; Commits to moving up into a suitable Board position as vacancies occur; Performs other Board tasks, as required.
Guelph General Hospital
Guelph General Hospital
• Supervise and support the Board directors.  
• Represents the Association or the Board of Directors at other meetings or to other organizations as required.  
• In conjunction with the Board, implement strategic planning initiatives and establish yearly goals and objectives. Ensure benchmarks are established and appropriate assessment tools are in place to review and revise goals annually.  
• Act as a primary liaison between the Association and the Director, Volunteer Resources. 
• Chairs all board and general meetings
Up and Running Guelph
"Pick up the Pace for mental health" is our annual walk/run fundraiser, and this year, for the first time ever, we are launching an in-person event. We are looking for a passionate, dedicated volunteer to work with our event planning committee to perform key tasks in preparation for the event, such as procuring sponsorships, marketing, designing race kits, connecting with local media and businesses etc.
Guelph Tool Library
The Steering Committee runs the day to day operations of the Guelph Tool Library and is responsible for creating and administering sub-committees as the needs of the Guelph Tool Library requires. The Steering Committee works by consensus and each member of the Steering Committee has an equal say in the operation of the Guelph Tool Library.  
We are seeking a volunteer who is able to : 
-provide expert input to the ongoing development of the Guelph Tool Library 
-provide Human Resources expertise, to assist us in our charitable status application 
-identify and monitor priorities, risks, timelines and quality of Guelph Tool Library projects 
-provide support, guidance, decision-making and oversight of progress to Guelph Tool Library projects 
-help balance conflicting priorities and resources 
-foster positive communication
Guelph Tool Library
Help the Guelph Tool Library with Grant Writing and Fundraising Activities. We meet once a month and work collaboratively online. 
Projects that we are currently working on and planning: 
Free to Read - now until April 23, 2022. We are collecting comic books for a project that supports literacy programs in local provincial jails. 
Re:Purpose Fest - Saturday May 28, 2022. This free community recycling event and barbeque is taking place at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Attendees at Re:Purpose Fest will be able to recycle many items that normally end up in the landfill or learn about unique ways to repurpose items.  
Guelph Largest Clothing Swap - Sunday October 23 at the Old Quebec Street Shoppes. This event is part of the City of Guelph's Waste Reduction Week.
Wyndham House, Guelph - 106 Woolwich St, Administrative Office
Wyndham House Administration Office, Dtn Guelph
Currently, Wyndham House is seeking to recruit three (3) Board Members. We’re looking for community-minded, skilled collaborators who are passionate about assisting Wyndham House in our work to prevent, reduce and end youth homelessness.  
Interested applicants should have leadership and governance experience. Candidates with a range of skills and backgrounds are encouraged to apply and in particular in the areas of IT, Social media communication, Social services background and/or advocacy.
Yorklands Green Hub
42 Carden Street Guelph
The Yorklands Green Hub Board of Directors is currently a working board of volunteers.  
Our mission is to open green doors to the future by promoting sustainable conservation, environmental education and public enjoyment at the former Guelph Correctional Centre lands. We are seeking to fill 2 positions: 2 Members-at-Large. Terms are for 2 or 3 years by choice of nominee.   
Nominations will be accepted with a review of the skills we are in need of, followed by an interview.
Victor Davis Memorial Court Non Profit Homes
87 Neeve Street, Guelph and meetings virtually at this time
Board members are community minded and key contributors to our organization. Our recent strategic plan and Board skills matrix highlighted a need for two board members - one with energy management skills and one with legal skills who want to make a difference.  
Our Board is made up of 8 volunteer Directors who use creativity and critical thinking skills to manage the affairs of the Corporation and have a commitment to social housing, our community and act as stewards of the organization at all times, and not in a personal or other group interest. We carry $5 million dollars Directors and Officers Liability insurance. 
Board Members establish, evaluate and carry out our mission and strategic plan, oversee and ensure the financial health of the organization, ensure the organization has competent staff/management to carry out the day to day operations to meet the requirements of tenants, funders and legislation, direct operations, including policy development and risk management , maintain effective relations with funders and the community, acting on committees with fellow board and community members.
Governance Committee   Centre Wellington  East Wellington  Guelph  North Wellington  South Wellington 
Guelph Wellington Seniors Association
Evergreen Seniors Community Centre - Remotely at this time
The Governance Committee assists the Board of Directors with the development and review of bylaws, policies, and procedures for the Association.  
This Committee holds morning meetings during a few months each year. Experience in governance with a not-for-profit organization, knowledge of legislative requirements, or a keen interest in document research, development, and review would be helpful.  
We also need someone with a laptop and computer skills willing to take minutes at meetings and update documents as needed. 
Guelph Wellington Seniors Association membership required.
Guelph Wellington Seniors Association
Evergreen Seniors Centre
The Guelph Wellington Seniors Association is one of the largest seniors organizations of its kind in Canada, providing diverse programs, activities, and services to Guelph and Wellington County. 
We are a not-for-profit corporation and a registered charity, managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, with support from GWSA staff and hundreds of dedicated volunteers. 
The GWSA partners with the City of Guelph in the operation of the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre, a state-of-the-art recreation facility. We also operate in other locations, including the West End Community Centre and elsewhere, depending on interest and resources. 
GWSA’s Community Support Services (CSS) provide additional specialized services for many vulnerable seniors in the community. 
We are committed to a future that is progressive, accountable, and innovative in providing services to the older adult community. 
The GWSA is looking for volunteers with broad based life or work experience that will contribute to the operation of a large seniors organization. The organization is committed to providing a diverse, inclusive and accessible environment that is reflective of our community. The Evergreen Seniors Centre is fully accessible and easily reached by public transit. 
Board duties include: Supporting programs and services for seniors, acting in the best interests of the organization and its members, familiarity with the organization’s bylaws, procedures, and strategic plan. 
Guelph Wellington Seniors Association current membership is required.
Guelph Arts Council
Guelph, ON
The Board of Directors provides leadership and oversight to the activities of Guelph Arts Council. They support Guelph's creative community by advocating for the arts in Guelph-Wellington, inspiring positive transformation in our community, and sharing diverse perspectives on the arts.  
Expectations of Board members include: attending monthly Board meetings, reviewing reports in advance, and chairing or serving on at least one Board Committee.  
While a specific range of skill sets is valuable, we welcome all applicants who are committed, enthusiastic, and open to learning. Specifically, we are looking for new Board members to serve as Board Secretary and Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.
Guelph Arts Council
Guelph, ON
Work with a volunteer team to plan, promote, and implement Guelph Arts Council's signature online fundraising auction, Collector's Dilemma.  
The event is planned for May 2022. Collaborate with Fund Development Committee volunteers on Guelph Arts Council's fundraising event strategy.
Guelph Dance
Guelph Dance is currently recruiting community minded individuals for our Board of Directors. The board is currently seeking applications for positions commencing in January 2022 for a minimum two-year term.  
Guelph Dance delivers a wide range of programs including the annual Guelph Dance Festival, co-productions with other local festivals, workshops in schools, community engagement initiatives and multi-disciplinary arts camps for children and youth. The Board of Directors is made up of committed volunteers who have a demonstrated interest in Guelph Dance, with their diverse skills in leadership, knowledge, and experience applied in support of the Guelph arts community. We encourage applications from all interested candidates. 
Guelph Dance board members provide guidance by contributing to our organization’s culture, strategic focus, effectiveness, and financial sustainability, as well as serving as ambassadors and advocates.
Guelph Tool Library
The Marketing and Sales Committee is seeking volunteers who have an interest in promoting the Guelph Tool Library in the community, from membership drives to sponsorship acquisition to increasing our social media presence.
Guelph Arts Council
Guelph Arts Council, 42 Carden St., Guelph, ON
Fund Development Committee members develop an annual plan to help Guelph Arts Council reach its financial goals for Donations, Events, and Corporate Sponsorship, and support the plan's implementation. Committee members help ensure that GAC is sustainable and can fulfill its mission to champion and grow opportunities for Guelph's creative community.
Board Member   Guelph 
Guelph Independent Living
207-255 Woodlawn Road West, Guelph, ON N1H 8J1
“Committed to our clients living with dignity by delivering quality programs, housing and supportive services.: 
GIL is a community-based organization “committed to our clients living with dignity by delivering quality programs, housing and supportive services.” Listen to our clients share their “I AM GIL” stories here: I am GIL - YouTube  
If you have experience or or an interest in Board work, housing and/or community support services including persons with disabilities and seniors, GIL would like to hear from you.  
To explore this volunteer opportunity, please outline your experience via email to our Executive Director, Janet Redman, at or contact 519-836-1812, ext. 230 for more information. We welcome all interested inquiries.
Guelph (City of). City Hall, Guelph - Carden St - City Hall, Accessibility Services
Currently virtual, with post-pandemic in-person meetings at Guelph City Hall.
We seek interested candidates who understand the value of relationship building through a positive and respectful approach and who identify with any of the following experience: 
• Understanding and identifying methods to remove barriers that increase universal accessibility, 
• Advising from a public education perspective methods of identifying and removing barriers, 
• Familiarity with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), 
• Advising on accessible website development and accessible graphic design; can be an understanding of the WCAG 2.0 Level AA from the designer perspective or the user experience (UX), 
• Advising on education methods/effective idea sharing, 
• Identify within the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) community and have an understanding of barriers experienced by people with disabilities, 
• Advocating and/or speaking in support of an idea or course of action from an ally perspective; and/or 
• Thinking from an inclusive lens.  
Representation from all areas of Guelph is desired. The Guelph Barrier Free Committee is committed to ensuring our members and Board reflects the community we serve. Our recruitment processes strive to ensure a diversity of backgrounds and experiences are represented.
Up and Running Guelph
Support the Up and Running's Marketing Committee in developing effective marketing and communications strategies and tools to enable us to broaden our reach, and enhance our impact.  
The Committee has the following goals:  
Work to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for Up and Running to enable us to reach out to potential participants, volunteers, and community partners  
Develop and implement a plan for our social media communications 
Develop marketing materials such as posters and brochures, and a plan for their distribution, enlisting Board members where needed 
Update our website to ensure it is aligned with our goals, relevant, and effectively reaching our target audience 
Maintain and build relationships with local businesses, organizations, health care professionals and media to enhance our presence in the community 
Evaluate effectiveness of marketing initiatives/tools and make appropriate changes 
Conduct community outreach and develop partnerships (e.g. partner with community events, other organizations)
Up and Running Guelph
Work with Up and Running's Fundraising Committee - a committee of our Board of Directors - to review our financial needs, develop a fundraising strategy, and research and develop fundraising initiatives for Up and Running Guelph.  
These may include grant writing, sponsorships, organizing special events or individual donation campaigns. We are looking for people who love working as part of team, know the community well and can help develop partnerships, enjoy researching and writing grants, and are creative thinkers.