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Food Team   Guelph 
Lakeside HOPE House
Responsible to prepare and serve the post-WALK snack. Role includes food prep, serving, dishwashing, cleaning, setting tables and staying till the bitter end.
Lakeside HOPE House
Working in conjunction with Event Director, you are responsible for helping with pre-event support, which could include setting up tables and signs, salting sidewalks, and providing additional support.
Lakeside HOPE House
Where required, crews are responsible for prepping, signing and setting up the 
WALK route. This could include some snow clearing and salting in some locations. The same crew often helps out on the route during the event and returns to tear down the route. Please indicate your availability.
Lakeside HOPE House
Your Welcome Team is responsible for providing walkers and volunteers with directions and assistance on WALK day. Each team should have one Welcome Team Captain appointed who oversees duties and who answers to the Event Director directly. Typically, you set up in the front atrium, hallway or vestibule of your start/finish location at 2:30pm. Your team will usually have two volunteers at the table area and "greeters" placed at key entrances.
Lakeside HOPE House
Working in conjunction with Welcome Team, you are responsible for greeting volunteers and walkers with friendly smiles, a warm handshake and some helpful directions towards registration, bathrooms or volunteer check-in.
Photographers   Guelph 
Lakeside HOPE House
Capture the WALK on film! Take pictures of walkers, teams, registration, rest stops, route, departure, arrival, post-event lunch, and opening and closing ceremonies. Take lots of close-up shots especially, and upload photos throughout the event.
Lakeside HOPE House
Responsible to assist walkers along route at key intersections or critical corners. Generally encouraging, cheering and celebrating each walker as they navigate the route.
Lakeside HOPE House
Bring your van, SUV or truck, a large cup of coffee and a full tank of gas. You are responsible to "sweep" an assigned WALK route, watching for tired or injured walkers, cold and weepy toddlers (and their parents), etc., all while calling into your Route Captain throughout the evening to report and comment on road, sidewalk and walker conditions.
Chalmers Community Services Centre
Assist guests in finding correct sizes and type of clothing they are searching for. Maintain organization and cleanliness of clothing and household items area.
Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington, Guelph - Waterloo Ave, Food & Friends Student Nutrition Program
Many locations available including those listed above.
Coordinators: are involved in running the program and they perform tasks such as ordering the food.  
Helpers: are involved with food prep, menu planning, program attendance, serving and clean up. 
Grocery shoppers: compile lists depending on the planned menu, buy and store the food appropriately and ensure that all receipts go to the Administrators. 
Administrators: are involved with the program paper work, they track receipts and do budgeting and fundraising. 
Management of volunteers: recruitment, training, scheduling and recognition
Habitat for Humanity Wellington Dufferin Guelph, Guelph
104 Dawson Rd. Guelph
The Studio Series is a unique Habitat for Humanity initiative where volunteers unleash their creativity and talents to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind, re-purposed pieces. Duties may include, assisting with product assembly and repair or re-purposing/up-cycling furniture.
Guelph Food Bank, Guelph - 100 Crimea St
100 Crimea Street, Guelph, ON, N1H 2Y6
Adult volunteers are needed to stock shelves, serve clients and sort / put away incoming food donations. Volunteers will also assemble Member Agency Orders, rotate stock and complete some general maintenance duties.
Lakeside HOPE House
10 Cork St. East, Guelph
Cut, colour and style hair for minimal cost ($2 cut, $10 cut and colour, free for children) to HOPE House community members. We have the salon space. You create your own hours per week and simply show up! 
Knowing the confidence that comes when people feel good about their appearance, the HOPE Stylin' Hair Salon allows our community members to empower themselves at minimum cost and feel great about how they look! Sound like something you want to be a part of? Join our community!
Guelph Community Health Centre, Guelph - Downtown Location, Family and Community Health Services
Guelph Community Health Centre/ various offsite events
SEED Souper Heroes will sell soup for our fundraising efforts at various events. Volunteers work in customer facing roles which vary by event, assisting with: setting up events, engaging with customers, serving soup or samples, telling people about The SEED, displaying product knowledge, giving a great sales pitch, handling cash (record check required), taking down/ cleaning up after the event. 
The Seed is a community food project at Guelph CHC. We are a collaborative initiative of community partners in Guelph & Wellington with the shared vision of strengthening the local emergency food system, using the power of food to build healthy communities and addressing the underlying issues of food insecurity and poverty. For more information, please contact Madeline, Communications and Fundraising Coordinator at
Guelph Food Bank, Guelph - 100 Crimea St
You will be helping stock our shopping area after servicing to ensure there are enough products on the shelves for the next day of servicing. You will also be helping sort food in receiving (canned goods vs. dry goods etc.).