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Map RecordAbsolute Health Science, Guelph - Surrey St Medical Bldg

Map RecordAbsolute Health Science, Guelph - Surrey St Medical BldgGuelph Clinic services include: * registered massage therapy * naturopathy * intravenous therapy * clinical nutrition * botanical medicine * homeopathic medicine * manual osteopathy * acupuncture * Bowen The ... [More]

Map RecordBastos Natural Family Center, Natural Health Care Services

Map RecordBastos Natural Family Center, Natural Health Care ServicesPuslinch Results-based, naturopathic medicine and acupuncture. Services provided by naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, massage therapist and osteopath. * food allergy and intolerance evaluation and coaching * ... [More]

Map RecordCareWell Health Group

Map RecordCareWell Health GroupGuelph Services include * chiropractic * physiotherapy * acupuncture * massage therapy * custom orthotics * dietetics * osteopathy * physiatry * psychiatry Related website: Chancellors Way Medical Arts Centr ... [More]

Map RecordChancellors Way Medical Arts Centre

Map RecordChancellors Way Medical Arts CentreGuelph Health services include: Urgent Care Medical Clinic * pharmacy * diagnostic ultrasound * family medicine * chiropractic * physiotherapy * massage therapy * reproductive medicine * sports medicine * di ... [More]

Map RecordErin PhysioFitness

Map RecordErin PhysioFitnessErin Specializes in the treatment of muscle and joint pain and dysfunction resulting from sport injury, surgery, work or motor vehicle accident injuries. Clinical services include * physiotherapy * massage ... [More]

Map RecordForward Health

Map RecordForward HealthGuelph Services include: * registered massage therapies * advanced chiropractic therapies * performance enhancement for sport / life * functional restoration techniques * pain management and prevention * cus ... [More]

Map RecordGordon Street Chiropractic Centre

Map RecordGordon Street Chiropractic CentreGuelph Services include * chiropractic treatments * naturopathic medicine * registered massage therapy * dispensary of nutritional products * corrective foot orthotics * cervical support pillows

Map RecordGuelph Naturopath

Map RecordGuelph NaturopathGuelph Primary health care system that offers a integrative approach to holistic healing. Naturopathic services include: * clinical nutrition * Botanical (herbal) Medicine * Homeopathic Medicine * Traditiona ... [More]

Map RecordHealing Foundations Naturopathic Clinic

Map RecordHealing Foundations Naturopathic ClinicGuelph Treatment plans are created using nutrition and lifestyle counselling, herbal and homeopathic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. **Skype consultations available

Map RecordKulhay Wellness Country Clinic

Map RecordKulhay Wellness Country ClinicErin Services include: * acupuncture * alternative allergy and environmental testing * chiropractic * facial inhalation therapy * facial rejuvenation * hair analysis * homeopathy * laser therapy * dark fie ... [More]

Map RecordKura Naturopathic Clinic and Registered Massage Therapy

Map RecordKura Naturopathic Clinic and Registered Massage TherapyGuelph Naturopathic treatments, acupuncture, various massage treatment methods * nutritional, botanical and homeopathic medicines * classes and workshops

Map RecordSouth Guelph Naturopathic Clinic

Map RecordSouth Guelph Naturopathic ClinicGuelph Primary, integrative health care service that utilizes non-invasive therapy for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic diseases and general health maintenance. Therapies include: * botanica ... [More]

Map RecordUniversity of Guelph, J T Powell Building, Health and Performance Centre

Map RecordUniversity of Guelph, J T Powell Building, Health and Performance CentreGuelph Diagnostic, rehabilitation and health promotion services. Multidisciplinary team services include: * sports medicine physicians * physiotherapists * massage therapists * naturopathic doctor * dietitia ... [More]

Map RecordWyer Wellness Centre

Map RecordWyer Wellness CentreGuelph Naturopathic services that utilize a wide range of therapies. All services provided by qualified health care practitioners. * nutrition and diet therapy * botanical / herbal medicine * homeopathic med ... [More]