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Map RecordAnthony Zamojc, Podiatrist

Map RecordAnthony Zamojc, PodiatristGuelph Services include: * diabetic foot care * skin and nail infections * podiatric sports medicine * foot / ankle pain, corns, calluses, bunions, hammer toe * treatment for circulation / vascular foot prob ... [More]

Map RecordApplied Biomechanics Orthotics and Bracing

Map RecordApplied Biomechanics Orthotics and BracingGuelph Assessment, design, fabrication and fitting of custom orthopedic bracing, foot orthotics and custom shoes. Compression stocking fittings and for order available.

Map RecordBillings Orthotics and Footwear

Map RecordBillings Orthotics and FootwearGuelph Specializes in diabetic and arthritic footwear, sport orthotics, ankle braces, knee braces * modifications to various types of athletic footwear

Map RecordBioPed Foot Care Centre, Guelph, Foot Care Services

Map RecordBioPed Foot Care Centre, Guelph, Foot Care ServicesGuelph Services include: * on-site labs manufacture orthotics * adjustments and specialized fitting services * in-stock orthopedic and comfort footwear * custom and non-custom knee and ankle braces * over-th ... [More]

Map RecordCareWell Health Group

Map RecordCareWell Health GroupGuelph Services include * chiropractic * physiotherapy * acupuncture * massage therapy * custom orthotics * dietetics * osteopathy * physiatry * psychiatry Related website: Chancellors Way Medical Arts Centr ... [More]

Map RecordComplete Wellness Clinic, Guelph

Map RecordComplete Wellness Clinic, GuelphGuelph Services include: * chiropractic * acupuncture * massage therapy * chiropody * custom orthotics

Map RecordCustom Orthotic Design Group, Guelph

Map RecordCustom Orthotic Design Group, GuelphGuelph Services include: * assessment, casting, dispensing and in-house modification of custom foot orthotics * assessment and dispensing of orthopedic braces, both custom and prefabricated * fitting and mod ... [More]

Map RecordEastview Physiotherapy

Map RecordEastview PhysiotherapyGuelph Services assist in the management of various health care issues: * physiotherapy * massage therapy * acupuncture * functional capacity evaluations * concussion assessment / management * vestibular reh ... [More]

Map RecordElisa Harrison, Pedorthist

Map RecordElisa Harrison, PedorthistGuelph Services include: * custom-made foot orthotics * biomechanical assessment * gait analysis * fitting and modification of footwear * footwear education

Map RecordElora Apothecary Pharmasave

Map RecordElora Apothecary PharmasaveElora Free blister pack and dosette packaging * basic compounding * home health care products including support stockings, braces, crutches, mobility aids * breast pump rentals and supplies * seasonal flu s ... [More]

Map RecordErin PhysioFitness

Map RecordErin PhysioFitnessErin Specializes in the treatment of muscle and joint pain and dysfunction resulting from sport injury, surgery, work or motor vehicle accident injuries. Clinical services include * physiotherapy * massage ... [More]

Map RecordForward Health

Map RecordForward HealthGuelph Services include: * registered massage therapies * advanced chiropractic therapies * performance enhancement for sport / life * functional restoration techniques * pain management and prevention * cus ... [More]

Map RecordGordon Street Chiropractic Centre

Map RecordGordon Street Chiropractic CentreGuelph Services include * chiropractic treatments * naturopathic medicine * registered massage therapy * dispensary of nutritional products * corrective foot orthotics * cervical support pillows

Map RecordGuelph Medical Place Physiotherapy and Health Centre

Map RecordGuelph Medical Place Physiotherapy and Health CentreGuelph Core services include physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, orthotics, bracing Conditions treated include: * acupuncture * arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome * children's physiotherapy * con ... [More]

Map RecordGuelph Orthotics

Map RecordGuelph OrthoticsGuelph Services include * clinical assessment technology * custom orthotics and custom bracing * orthopedic footwear * movement and gait analysis

Map RecordKidsAbility Centre for Child Development, Guelph Hub, Therapy Services

Map RecordKidsAbility Centre for Child Development, Guelph Hub, Therapy ServicesGuelph Therapy services for special needs children * physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, therapeutic recreation * behaviour support services for children with developmental delays or physical d ... [More]

Map RecordKulhay Wellness Country Clinic

Map RecordKulhay Wellness Country ClinicErin Services include: * acupuncture * alternative allergy and environmental testing * chiropractic * facial inhalation therapy * facial rejuvenation * hair analysis * homeopathy * laser therapy * dark fie ... [More]

Map RecordOntario Home Health, Guelph Location

Map RecordOntario Home Health, Guelph LocationGuelph Services include: * CPAP/BIPAP therapy, oxygen * mobility products, wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, stair lifts, deck lifts, elevators * home care beds and bathroom safety equipment * medical / surgic ... [More]

Map RecordShael J. Weinberg, Podiatry

Map RecordShael J. Weinberg, PodiatryGuelph Offers treatment for: * sprains, strains, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, shin splints * corns, calluses, bunions, plantar warts, hammer toes, thick / ingrown toenails, fungus * skin and nail infection ... [More]

Map RecordSherrington Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic

Map RecordSherrington Chiropractic and Acupuncture ClinicErin Offers treatments to address misalignments of the spine. Services include * orthotics (arch supports) * computerized gait analysis * acupuncture * treatment of sports injuries

Map RecordStill Me Pink Ribbon Boutique

Map RecordStill Me Pink Ribbon BoutiqueElora Focuses on mastectomy / lumpectomy products and accessories * post-surgical camisoles * swim forms * headwear for chemotherapy patients For more information on the full range of products offered, see ... [More]

Map RecordStone Road Physiotherapy

Map RecordStone Road PhysiotherapyGuelph Programs and services include: * physio fitness * supportive braces and therapy supplies * dizziness and vestibular rehabilitation * Injuries related to motor vehicle accidents * orthopedic conditions ... [More]

Map RecordThe Nu Me Boutique

Map RecordThe Nu Me BoutiqueKitchener Carries a large inventory of post surgical camisoles, breast forms, leisure forms, mastectomy bras and swimwear. Also available are compression garments for lymphedema and venous issues, both ready to ... [More]

Map RecordWellington Foot Clinic

Map RecordWellington Foot ClinicGuelph Services offered for: * custom foot orthotics * ingrown toenails * foot pain * corns * calluses * warts * ulcers * thick, ingrown, fungal nails * flat feet, heel and arch pain * diabetic, arthritic an ... [More]

Map RecordWellington Ortho and Rehab Associates

Map RecordWellington Ortho and Rehab AssociatesGuelph Orthopedic assessment and rehabilitation of physical injuries * patient-ready and custom-made braces (prescribing, custom fitting, application) * Exos cast bracing Services include: * physiotherapy * ... [More]

Map RecordWest Side Physiotherapy

Map RecordWest Side PhysiotherapyGuelph Services assist in the management of various health care issues: * physiotherapy * massage therapy * intramuscular stimulation * custom foot orthotics * acupuncture * compression stockings * functiona ... [More]